Kuraby Brangus breeding originated 40 years ago in Queensland. It was the polled attributes of the Brangus cattle at the time that encouraged my parents, Ted and Joy Klibbe, to transition to breeding Brangus cattle. The stud was originally formed with 16 Brangus females based on the “Sarchee” bloodlines and the foundation bull “Kuraby Duke”. From this small beginning the breeding program evolved.

After taking over the operation from my parents, in 2002 I travelled to America to purchase what some would say were the best examples of the Brangus breed with the finest genetics in the world. Having visited several major ranches in Texas and also touring South America, my research showed me a valuable method to evaluate the cattle’s performance in different counties and environments. This provided me with insight into which cattle would suit our Australian environment and enhance my own breeding program.

Returning from America, I had the opportunity to purchase embryos with the specific genetic attributes that I wanted. This has directed the breeding program to include genetics from Lombardi of Brinks, Csonka of Brinks, Suhns Alydar and Watt Lead Gun. This resulted in acquiring further knowledge encompassing embryo transplants, recipient programs and IVF procedures.

We have in the past utilised Angus genetics for producing Ultrablacks. This amalgamation of the progeny of current American sires and females is now coming to fruition.

Whilst we are proud of the achievements to date, the vision of a quality herd of black animals in green pastures, keeps us inspired and committed to improving our stud even further.

Ted and Joy Klibbe
Ted and Joy Klibbe