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From time to time we breed our Australian Shepherds. We are registered breeders with the Australian government and have a breeder’s identification number.

The Aussie temperament, nature and also their stance, colour and boning are the differences which identifies them against border collies and other breeds.

They are:  intelligent, friendly, loyal and loving. They would be happy to run a marathon with you, but then happy to cuddle on the couch – So active, but also laid back and chilled. They have what we call the ‘off’ button.

We sell and freight to all states & territories of Australia. The pups for sale are purebred, but are sold as pets only, so no papers. All pups will be wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.

All puppies are:

  • Wormed
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Flea treated
  • Transportable after vet check

Note: the pups are purebred but sold non-papered.

For more information please contact:

Stud Principal/Owner

Gavin Klibbe

Gavin Klibbe

0418 195 977

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Business Manager

Bronwyn Kilgour

Bronwyn Kilgour

0411 223 819

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